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25 April 2019The Magnificant Thames : Canalletto, Turner,Monet,Sisley et al--- and Frost Fairs.
01 November 2018Women in Art
19 April 2018Arts of Japan and Europe
23 November 2017‘Opera and Design’

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The Magnificant Thames : Canalletto, Turner,Monet,Sisley et al--- and Frost Fairs. Nicholas Reed Thursday 25 April 2019




            A Study Day at Bucklesham Village Hall on Thursday 25th April 

First Lecture starts at 10.30 preceeded by tea and coffee from 10am  

These three lectures take us on a visual journey of the Thames from its source to its estuary and it encompasses five centuries represented through the artist’s eye.

Starting with a painting of the Tower of London in 1500 which tells a fascinating tale about a French Prince and a poet, we continue our journey seeing the Thames through the work of various Dutch artists, some showing us views of Tudor Palaces in 1620.

We then move on to the 18th century to see how the Thames appears to Canaletto and compare his view with that of his English rival, Samuel Scott.

Before we arrive at the twentieth century, we will experience views by Turner, Constable and Tissot, along with French Impressionists. The twentieth century offers up landscapists such as Stanley Spencer.

Nicholas Reed is an experienced lecturer and author, including two books exploring the Thames through the works of various artists.

This promises to be an entertaining and enlightening study day. Bookings taken at the February and March meetings – any enquiries contact Sally Voelcker her details can be found in  your programme card or email us at