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14 November 2019Caravaggio: His models and the courtesans of Venice and Paris
25 April 2019The Magnificant Thames : Canalletto, Turner,Monet,Sisley et al--- and Frost Fairs.
01 November 2018Women in Art
19 April 2018Arts of Japan and Europe
23 November 2017‘Opera and Design’

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Caravaggio: His models and the courtesans of Venice and Paris Dr Marie-Anne Mancio Thursday 14 November 2019

Study Day at Bucklesham Village Hall, 2 Levington Lane, IP10 0DR on Thursday 14th November - 10am to 3pm (Lecture starts at 10.15am)

Cost £30 including coffee, lunch and tea

Three Lectures

1. Caravaggio And His Models - Caravaggio is known for his adherence to reality but how did he weave the real lives of his models in paintings? What became of Fillide Melandroni, courtesan to cardinals, the star of Caravaggio's "Judith and Holofernes" who was under the control of the pimp Ranussio Tomassoni who Caravaggio murdered? Why did Caravaggio choose Fillide's friend, street prosititute Anna, for the penitent Magdalane.

2. Venetian Courtesans - trend-setters and boundary breakers in the world of fashion. Venetian courtesans of C15th and C16th Venice were so plentiful there were guide books dedicated to them. One of the most celebrated was Veronica Franco who wrote poetry and had to battle accusations of witchcraft. Learn how these women wove visual clues into their appearances.

3. Paris' Grandes Horizontales - explore the demimonde of C19th Paris where elite courtesans entertained aristocrats, artists and writers. From the woman who had herself served up on a silver platter, with only parsley for decoaration, to the inspiration for Dumas's La Dame Aux Camelias, discover a fascinating world imortalised in paintings, scupture and even embalming fluid!

Lecturer Dr Marie-Anne Mancio trained as an artist before gaining a PhD in Art and Critical Theory from the University of Sussex. She has lectued in Art History for City Lit, Tate Modern, Dulwich Picture Gallery and 9th Degree Club and many private art socirties; she also runs art history study tours abroad.

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