We had a group of Art Society volunteers working at the Suffolk Record Office, in Gatacre Road in Ipswich, for some 18 years. Unfortunately, for various reasons our involvment came to an end. We had been involved in a wide variety of projects, for example organising family collections, cleaning and repackaging documents, sorting glebe terriers and photograph collections and making storage boxes for books and more. We also worked on their considerable WW1 project. This involved finding and recording the names and details of residents of Suffolk who served in the war, be it in the military or in a civilian capacity, from newspapers, Year Books, School Log Books, Registers (e.g. of the Munitions Factories in Stowmarket), and others. 

Ceramics at Christchurch Mansion

Our HVs particitated in a two year ceramics project at Christchurch Mansion. They assisted in the creation of 1200 computer records and 3,000 objects being recorded, cleaned, photographed and put back into archive storage cabinets. As a result of this work, it will be much easier for Ipswich Mansion staff to identify and pick out individual ceramics for larger displays and for exhibitions.

Ipswich Museum Historic Photograph Project

A team of our Heritage Volunteers worked on scanning historic photographs to enable high quality digital images to be created. These were catalogued on to a computer database. Around 700 photographs were scanned and re packaged making the collection more easily accessible and stored. They then continued cataloguing and scanning photographs that were taken as part of the 1980s Historic Buildings Survey.