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05 November 2019"Oh yes it is !" The History of the Pantomime from Ancient to Modern times
01 October 2019"It's a Surprise" The subtle science of the exact art of colour in English Garden design
03 September 2019The Art History of Tattoos
04 June 2019The Elgin Marbles
07 May 2019Two Great Collectors and a Dastardly Disperser: Kings Charles I and II and Oliver Cromwell
02 April 2019The Peril of Yellow
05 March 2019The Artist out of Doors : From Claude Lorraine to Monet
05 February 2019Joseph Wright of Derby - Casting a Light
04 December 2018The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
06 November 2018Durer
02 October 2018The Role of the Arts in the cycle of crime, prison and reoffending.
04 September 2018Embroidered with woodbine and eglantine: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings.
05 June 2018In the National Interest: Art, the Sun King & the Academic Revolution
01 May 2018Byzantine Mosaics
03 April 2018The Bayeux Tapestry : Anglo-Norman Art and History
03 April 2018The Tragic Beauty of Ice
06 March 2018Childrens Book Illustrations
06 February 2018Telling the Time Throughout the Ages
05 December 2017“That Jocund World”: theatre in the life and works of Charles Dickens
07 November 2017Beyond Borders: Fortified and Painted Churches of Romania
03 October 2017Francis Bacon
05 September 2017"Mars and Muses": the Renaissance Art of Armour
06 June 2017The Art and Culture of Fin-de-Siecle Vienna

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"Oh yes it is !" The History of the Pantomime from Ancient to Modern times Jane Tapley Tuesday 05 November 2019

This lecture examines the complex and fascinating story of how Pantomine developed out of its Greek and Roman roots through to the religous plays of the Middle Ages and the Italian Commedia Dell'Arte. It looks at the characters of the Harlequinade, Grimaldi the 18th century clown, Music Hall and the soap stars of today. They have all contributed to the art of Pantomine and have helped to turn it into a peculiarly British institution.

Jane Tapely

Jane is currently a Special Events Organiser at the Theatre Royal Bath. She also is a frequent lecturer for The Arts Society, NT and many other fine art and theatre societies. She is a West Country Blue Badge guide, author and researcher of theatre programme notes on Hamlet, Sheridan's The Rivals and Jane Austin's Emma. She is also a theatrical landlady, home economist, consultant to various TV productions of Jane Austins adaptations, on food in the 18th and 19th centuries. Hosts and cooks period meals in her Regency house in Bath for the Jane Austin festival and other literary groups.