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The Elgin Marbles Stephen Kershaw Tuesday 04 June 2019

It is now around 200 years since the purchase of the so-called "Elgin Marbles" from Lord Elgin, by the British Parliament. This lecture, beautifully illustrated with specifically taken slides and vision, will explore the aesthetics, the back-story, and the heated debates surrounding these fascinating and contraversal works of ancient Greek art. What do we mean by "the Elgin Marbles?" How and why were they originally created? why are they so highly regarded? What happened to them between their creation and Elgin's time? How did he acquire them? Why are they now in the British Museum? And why are there so passionately held views both for and against their repatriation to Greece?

Stephen Kershaw

Stephen is a classics tutor for Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, professor of history of art for the European Studies Program Rhosed College and the University of the South. He has spent much of the last 30 years travelling extensively in the world of the Greeks and Romans both physically and intellectually. Steven has published books on Greek myths and the classical civilizations and is working on a brief guide to the Roman Empire.