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02 April 2019The Peril of Yellow
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03 December 2019Royal Collectors: Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their Art
04 February 2020Raphael : A Master in the Making
03 March 2020Mad Men and Fine Art

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The Peril of Yellow Lynne Gibson Tuesday 02 April 2019

Sunny yellow has, paradoxically, been the most poisonous colour on the artist's palette. Its happy, golden appearance belies the perils of using and making it. Yellow is not always golden sunlight and sunflowers, it is the colour of treachery and cowardice. To Mondrian it symbolised the intellect, to Franz Marc feminity, to Kadinsky it just had to be a triangle. From costly gold to deathly orpiment, fetid Indian yellow to heavy metals, we will discover "The Peril of Yellow".

Lynne Gibson

Lynne works as a freelance lecturer in the history of art, critical and contextual studies, as well as practical drawing, painting and print making. For many years she lectured for the Universities of Sussex and Bristol, where she introduced "Understanding Art" to the Lifelong Learning Programme and residential summer schools. Lynne gives talks, lectures and guided tours to a wide range of organisations and institutions. Also when time permits, she works as a professional artist specializing in oil painting and etching.

Image : On White II - Kadinsky