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01 October 2019"It's a Surprise" The subtle science of the exact art of colour in English Garden design
05 November 2019"Oh yes it is !" The History of the Pantomime from Ancient to Modern times
03 December 2019Royal Collectors: Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their Art
04 February 2020Raphael : A Master in the Making
03 March 2020Mad Men and Fine Art

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"It's a Surprise"
The subtle science of the exact art of colour in English Garden design
Timothy Walker Tuesday 01 October 2019

This lecture gives our Society an opportunity to welcome a newly accrediated 2019 Arts Society Lecturer from the lecture presentations at the Arts Society Annual Directory Day held at Central Hall Westminster.



In 1888 Gertrude Jekyll wrote a short but seminal article in The Garden in which she urged the readers to “remember that in a garden we are painting a picture”.  As an accomplished watercolour artist, Miss Jekyll was familiar with the principles of using colours, but she felt that in gardens these principles “had been greatly neglected”.  This talk looks at how to apply these principles in designing a border, but it also looks at the ways in which a border is different from a painting.  However, it goes further than this and looks at how contemporary work of the likes of Turner, Monet, Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Hockney evolved in parallel with ideas about what a garden or border should look like. Gardens are often thought of a as place where science and art meet on equal terms. This lecture investigate this relationship.

Timothy Walker

We welcome Timothy Walker as a newly accredited Arts Society Lecturer for 2019. He is an established public lecturer having given 1,500 lectures since 1986 as part of his work as Director of the Oxford Botanical Gardens from 1988 to 2014. Since 2014 Timothy has been a college lecturer and tutor at Somerville College Oxford.